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God of War – Bear McCreary 2018

Baixar CD God of War - Bear McCreary 2018 Torrent

Álbum: God of War
Gênero: outros
Lançamento: 2018
Tamanho: 184 MB
Formato: Mp3

Ouvir Música do CD God of War – Bear McCreary 2018

Músicas do CD God of War – Bear McCreary 2018

– God of War (4min 6s)
– Memories of Mother (3min 39s)
– Witch of the Woods (3min 2s)
– Lullaby of the Giants (3min 43s)
– Ashes (6min 9s)
– Peaks Pass (2min 33s)
– A Giant’s Prayer (1min 59s)
– The Dragon (3min 43s)
– Mimir (2min 56s)
– Magni and Modi (2min 49s)
– Echoes of an Old Life (3min 44s)
– Helheim (3min 20s)
– The Healing (3min 15s)
– The Reach of Your Godhood (2min 37s)
– Stone Mason (3min 48s)
– Valkyries (5min 8s)
– Deliverance (6min 18s)
– Salvation (6min 48s)
– The Ninth Realm (4min 57s)
– The Summit (3min 18s)
– Epilogue (47s)

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